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Why Pay $4 for a Fall Fest Rotary Brat or Beer?

Submitted by vsample on Mon, 08/15/2016 - 11:10

The Rotary Club of Townsend is preparing for the September 30-October 2, 2016 Fall Fest.  The Fall Fest is one of the last free music festivals in Montana.  Fall Fest Sponsorships pay for the Free Music at Fall Fest!  Over a third of the sponsorship money comes from businesses out of Broadwater County. 

 The Fall Fest is the only major Rotary Club fundraiser each year.  People ask “What does Rotary do with the money raised at Fall Fest?  Following is how the Rotary Club spends your beer, brat, and vendor money from the Club’s annual budget. 

 The annual club budget has totaled $42,000 to $54,000 since 2015.  Sponsoring the Fall Fest and helping organize the Slice of Summer celebrations each year also means thousands of dollars are spent locally to purchase bratwurst, advertise in the Broadwater Reporter, etc. 

 Rotary has also helped raise funds or spent many volunteer hours helping on the Silos Purchase Project, planning for the Heritage Fun Park Splash Park Project, Center for Mental Health, Heritage Gardens, Broadwater Heath Center, Broadwater Community Foundation, Hospital Auxiliary BBQ, selling Rodeo tickets, etc.  Club members have donated their own money to many projects and students in many “Pass the Hat” fundraisers at regular meetings.  The Club has sponsored beer and wine raffles, 50-50 ticket sales, and Spring Fling or Cinco de Mayo dance fundraisers to raise money for other worthwhile projects or to raise money to help a family pay medical bills, etc.  $12 of the Rotary Club members annual dues go to purchase dictionaries for all third graders in Montana!

Members annually give money to help eradicate polio worldwide.  Many members are Rotary Sustaining Members and Paul Harris Fellows which means they give to the Rotary International Foundation supporting Rotary projects worldwide. 

Rotary supplies including tables, chairs, sandwich boards, and canopies are used by many groups each year.

The Townsend Rotary Club thanks you for your support of Fall Fest and its other projects each year.  It is hard to imagine what group would fill the gap if Rotary was not active in Townsend.  Ask us about membership!  If you don’t want to join, please help by 

volunteering at our functions or donating to our fundraisers.  To check for Fall Fest updates or to view Club activities see or  Also, check us out on Facebook. 


Rotary Budget

Community Service Projects

Youth Projects

  • Broadwater Education Foundation                                         $1,000
  • Broadwater High School (BHS) Booster Club                           $1,000
  • Boys/Girls State                                                                      $500
  • Highway Cleanup (4H Club)                                                    $150
  • Townsend Schools Rotary Interact Club                                 $1,000
  • Foreign Exchange Student Sponsorship 2016                         $2,500
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) (4-6)                       $1,625
  • Broadwater High School (BHS) Scholarships (3+)                  $4,500-$5,500
  • Other School Projects (Trophy Case, etc.)                              $1,000
  • BHS Student Shelterbox 50/50 match (2016-2017)                $500
  • Weight Room Mats                                                                 $3,000
  • MT Foreign Exchange Students Weekend in Town                $100-200
  • Gazebo Park Remodel Materials 2016                                   $500

Slice of Summer                                                                                  $250

Senior Projects

  • Nursing Home Bingo                                                               $480
  • Senior Citizen Holiday Light Tour/Dinner/Poinsettias            $650

Holiday Light Contest Prizes                                                               $175

Christmas Connection and Adopt a Family (Families)                       $800-$2,000

Food Pantry Matching Funds                                                              $1,000

Tree Board Beautification Projects                                                    $850

New Member Projects                                                                        $600

Fairgrounds New 4H Kitchen Project 2016                                         $2,000+

Ag Appreciation Dinner Sponsorship                                                  $500

Farm Bureau Bale Decorating Prize Money                                      $500

Shakespeare in the Park                                                                     $100

Social Services Committee-Cowpie Bingo                                          $100

New Member Dinner and Orientation                                               $300-500

Comedy Night             2016                                                                            $300

Helping Hands Matching Grant                                                          $1,000

Sheriff’s Department Bicycle Matching Grant                                   $1,200

Variety Show (self-supporting)                                                           $0

Circus (self-supporting)                                                                      $0

Tom Cotter Celebration                                                                      $1,000

International Projects

Polio Plus                                                                                             $100-$500

Potential South America Water Projects 2016-2019                         $4,950

Shelterbox Project                                                                              $1,000

Administrative Expenses

Member Risk Management Background Checks                               $200

Office Supplies/Postage                                                                      $230-$1,000

Rotary Supplies                                                                                   $850-$1,000

Secretary of State Filing Fees                                                                         $25

Member Attendance at Rotary Training Events

  • Montana District Conferences                                               $1,000-$1,500
  • Waterton-Glacier Peace Park Sponsorship                            $300
  • Waterton-Glacier Peace Park Assembly                                $1,200-$1,500
  • Rotary International Conferences                                          $1,000-$3,000
  • President-Elect Training Seminars                                         $2,000
  • Rotary Leadership Institute                                                    $400
  • Rotary Zone Leadership Institute

Young Professional Summit2016-2017                                   $1,000

Rotary Fall Fest Sponsorship 2016                                                      $0-$2,000

Deceased Member Remembrances                                                   $250

Secretary ClubRunner Software                                                         $600

Helena IR Rotary Club Insert ad                                                         $250

Storage Shed Improvements                                                              $500

Tables and Chairs                                                                               $1,500

Contingency Fund                                                                               $1,000

About Rotary

Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.Rotary connects 1.2 million members of more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their own communities to working toward a polio-free world. For more information, visit Rotary.

Contacts: Patrick Plantenberg (266-5265)