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Fall Fest Volunteers Signup

The Fall Fest Online Volunteer Signup has been discontinued - HOWEVER we still value your desire to volunteer at Fall Fest.

To Volunteer for Fall Fest contact these Fall Fest Committee Leaders:


Working at the Beer Booth:

Contact:  Adam Six:  Text Adam at (406) 431-8957 


Rotary Food Booth:

Contact: Brigid Jenkins: Phone: (916) 417_2315


Rotary Mechandise

Contact: Brigid Jenkins: Phone: (916) 417-2315


Cooking Brats:

Contact: Ron Salladay: Phone: (406) 266-3077


General Operations (directing traffic, trash pickup, Fall Fest Setup, Fall Fest Shutdown, Etc):

Contact: Pat Plantenberg: Phone: (406) 431-4615  Email: