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Big Changes Coming to the 2016 Fall Fest Event

Submitted by vsample on Tue, 07/26/2016 - 15:04

As each Fall Fest passes and Rotary looks to the next year's event, we look at our strengths and weaknesses in the event. We listen to the concerns and praise of the community, the venders, the musicians, and the car show attendees.  From all the good and the few bad, we adjust our event to keep the quality and enjoyment levels at the ultimate high point for everyone.  This year we are changing alot in the 2016 Fall Fest in hopes to make the event the best ever.

The first change in the event that everyone will notice right away is the layout of the park and Pine Street.  We have changed the location of the stage, the Rotary Brat and Beer booths and re-arranged the vender locations to make a better flow.  The stage will now be located in a larger opening of the park and thus project a better sound quality and allow for more people to enjoy the music in a bigger area.  Wtih this lay out we will be allowing people to bring their own folding low profile chairs and or blankets to be set up behind a certain line in the lawn.  We also will be providing a couple metal bleachers for people to sit and take in the show.  

The Rotary Brat and Beer booths will now be located on the west end of the park.  The brats will be cooked and served under the pavilion while the beer booth will be set up to the north of the pavilion towards the stage.  We have simplified the pricing as well this year.  Each token is worth $4.  All Rotary food or drink will be priced below that $4 token.  Simple and easy.  

We have extended the Veteran's ceremony on Saturday morning to help bring recognition to the service members of this community, state, and country.  It will start at 10 AM on the stage in the park and conclude before 11 AM.  This year we are trying the event without the parade, so we are hoping to make the Veteran's ceremony even more special.  Please come check it out.

Rotary took a huge leap in expense this year to bring in a bigger stage, better sound system, and a HUGE jumbotron TV.  We couldn't do this without the Sponsors that help greatly every year.  The jumbotron will be seen a week or so before the event and play the schedule of events as well as the sponsors names.  This event can not run without the sponsors and most often they do not get the recognition they deserve.  The sponsors help put on an amazing COMMUNITY event that brings people to this town as well as some excitement for the locals.  Helping the community is just as important as making a profit and our amazing generous Sponsors know this more than anyone.If you see a business name on the Jumbotron and know the people who work there, PLEASE say thanks for giving our community this great event.