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Farm Bureau Press Release: Results of the Hay Sculpture Contest

Submitted by vsample on Mon, 10/10/2016 - 15:40

Results for Broadwater County Farm Bureau’s 2016 Fall Fest Hay Sculpturing Contest were announced after the judging was held on Sunday, September 25.

Seven outstanding sculptures were created for this year’s event and the three out-of-county judges were put in the unenviable task of picking this year’s winners. These were the cash winners of this year’s hay contest:

            First Place – Bruce Seed Inc. (Winning $500) created the large Owl Sculpture located by the potato cellars.

            Second Place – Flynn Hay and Grain (Winning $250) created a life-like large semi hauling a large load of Hay.located on Shelley Lane.

            Third Place – Team Cox (Winning $100) created “The Very Hungry Cat-HAY-Pillar” located on Cox Lane near Winston.

Other participants creating hay sculptures and receiving Honorable Mention were Broadwater County F.F.A. (“HAY Olympics” located on Litening Barn Road), Broadwater Health Center Employees (“Hay Doc!” located near Copy Cup), Townsend Tire/Diehl Farming (“Broadwater County AG Mon-Straw-sity”) located on the Diehl Farm, and Team Creamery - Valerie Baraza of Imagine That! who created “Our Straw E-Inspiring Haus.”

The winner of the People’s Choice Award (which was voted on by the public at Sunday of Fall Fest) was the Broadwater County F.F.A. with their “HAY Olympics” sculpture. They received $50 for this honor.

Broadwater County Farm Bureau congratulates all the winners and participants  of  the 2016 contest. It was a HAY of a good time for one and all.

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